Thursday, July 22, 2010

Relative Conflict

My family is a large diverse group with lots of different interpersonal styles and priorities. Some of us are very high-strung. So we argue a lot. It seems that someone is always mad at someone else.

But two stories in the news this week have made me realize that we are a model of harmony.

  1. Rod Blagojevich, the sleezy impeached ex-governor of Illinois, is on trial for being a political scumbag. His brother, Robert, has also been mixed up in the scandal, and this week testified as a co-defendant. He said that his relationship with his brother is "strained." Yeah, I'll bet. Can you imagine the next Thanksgiving in the Blagojevich family?

    "Moooooom, Roddie tried to illegally sell Obama's vacant Senate seat and shook down a children's hospital and now I might have to go to jail for it!!"

    The Chicago Sun Times reports:
    "Who am I to give him advice?" Robert answered, acknowledging that his relationship with the ex-governor is "strained." "He doesn't listen to me, you should know that by now."
    As a little brother, I know the feeling.

  2. Last night a local man was arrested for shooting his brother in a grocery store. Presumably it was about more than what kind of beer to buy.
When I consider these two stories, it really puts our family's problems into perspective. Where family feuds are concerned, it's all relative.

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