Wednesday, February 17, 2010


I've written before about how email addresses can get parsed into interesting combinations. (Seth Lutman gets turned into, for example.)

Someone sent me jokey email today with the same concept. URLs that do the same thing. To wit:

These are all "real" sites, according to the email. And they're very funny, but I have to believe that they're not all coincidences. The Pen Island site, for example, has large text that says, "Your Pen Is/ Our Business." The space between "Pen" and "Is" is very small, and the rest of the motto is on a second line, making it look like "Your PenIs/ Our Business." It's clear what they're trying to do. They claim to sell pens, but I even wonder if it's a real site or just a fun hoax.

My second favorite, powergenitalia, is supposed to be an Italian power company. But the site is under construction, so it may just be a joke. Yes, Virginia, sometimes people put hoax sites on the interwebs!

At any rate, these URLs had me literally LOLing at my desk.


Voicewizard said...

A few years (5?) ago, I purchased a few pens to try this funny site out - it WAS real back then anyway.

It was worth the inflated prices (better than the pen is is inflated rather than..... wait a minute! :-)


Tim said...

Interesting! Even if they do really sell pens, I think they're really working the "pen is" angle. (Is that 45 degrees?)

Thanks for your comment!