Sunday, February 23, 2014

Happy Facebook Notification Day!

Sorry, I will not be posting "Happy Birthday" on your Facebook wall.  It's nothing personal.

I just don't do FB birthdays.

Facebook doesn't know when my birthday is, and I don't want to know when yours is unless you personally tell me.  I don't know if this makes me a birthday purist or just a curmudgeon, but for me, birthdays are for people who don't need a social networking site to tell you when they are. 

I know the exact birthdays (day, month, year) of all the important people in my life.  When I see a date, i.e. April 17, I'll think, "Hey, that's my sister's birthday!"  I may neglect to send her anything, but I always do remember the date. 

When my (other) sister had a birthday a few years ago (Dec 17), I sent her this ecard:

And when my brother had a birthday (May 24), I sent him this:

He responded, "Oh God, that Facebook thing is so true.  What an awkward way to spam up my facebook wall."

I noticed just this week (Feb 20) that my other brother, who has a FB account but is never, ever, EVER on Facebook, received a bunch of Happy Birthdays! on his wall.  This is like yelling happy birthday in an empty room to someone who lives several states away.  He's never going to hear it. 

As you may have figured out by now, instead of FB, I prefer to send Someecards to people in my life on their birthday.  They have a lot of really great snarky sentiments.  

So if I know you on FB and don't post to your wall on your birthday, don't take it personally.  Just remember that this is my wish for you:

For other fun birthday cards, see Someecards

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