Sunday, July 21, 2013

Still Here, or There, or Somewhere

Sorry, Timblog, that I have been so horribly neglectful of you lately.  Things have been too whirlwindy to devote much attention to you.  I moved, started a new job, unpacked, got married, and went on a honeymoon.

Lots of good things are happening.  After an amazing wedding weekend that exceeded all expectations, I had started a short post about it. We only had one day to recover, regroup, and pack for our honeymoon.  Late in the afternoon, right before we were going to start packing for an 8am flight the next morning, we were delayed by a scary trip to the emergency room.  Everything turned out fine and we were sent home five hours later, but we didn't start packing til 9pm.

After much haste and precaution, we made our flight.  Now we're in Iceland having lots of adventures. Today I experienced some of the most gorgeously breathtaking scenic vistas of my life, and it shows me just how shitty a camera is compared with your eyes, because none of pictures I took capture the amazingness of being here. Sigh.  I guess that's why we visit places instead of just looking at pics.

 I will post about the wedding, the ER scare, and our Iceland adventures soon. Stay tuned...

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asplenia said...

Iceland?! Wow. I can't wait to hear all about it. When you lay out everything that's been going on, I'm amazed there's even one post!