Wednesday, June 12, 2013

The Next Time I Think I Suck...

Since I am resigning from the job I've had for 10 years, I had to send out an email to all the faculty at my college, letting them know that I'm leaving and that my position may be vacant for a while. Among other things I said:
If you have used my services for library instruction or sent students my way for reference questions, there will be a new person at the Reference Desk starting this summer. The committee is still in the process of filling the position, but I’m sure whoever they hire will do a great job of providing reference and instruction. (But feel free to remind the new person, “That’s not how Tim did it” as much as possible. :) ) 
The response I've received has been overwhelming. By my count, 28 people have responded (so far) to wish me well. But it's not only the number of responses, but the things they've said that has me feeling pretty good about myself. Some samples:

We are going to miss you Tim! 

You will be missed a lot. 

Congrats Tim on your new job, but you will be sorely missed here 

We will miss you! 

We will miss you. I always looked forward to your presentation in my Eng[lish] class. You were so good at explaining everything to the students and making them feel welcome to come to the library. 

Don’t goooooooooooooooo………. 

We will miss you and your expertise in helping our students--and us as well. Thank you for your diligence and professionalism with our students and best wishes in your new position. [Strangely, I don't remember ever working with this person.  They're the only one who responded where I thought, "Who is that?"] 

Congratulations Tim, working with you through the years has been a pleasure. The library will NOT be the same without you! ... And just to be clear: NO ONE....and I mean NO ONE will draw a stick person representation of themselves during a library presentation that even comes CLOSE to yours! 

I have enjoyed working with you and always enjoyed seeing you as I made my many trips through the [library]. 

Thanks for your help every time I sent a student to you or I had a question. Your smiling face will be missed and I'll be sure to remind the new person of that!!! 

It has been a true pleasure working with you at [My College.] I first remember you when I started teaching as an adjunct and the offices were in the upper level of the “old” [library]. You were ALWAYS so kind and friendly to me and as a newbie I truly appreciated it. This act of kindness has continued through the years and I will always remember you! 

Thanks for being such a great colleague--helpful, interested and interesting, always ready to share a laugh--I will miss you! 

Any time I feel like I suck and no one likes me and I might was well eat worms, I should come back and read this post.


asplenia said...

Wow, that's awesome!! Make sure you tag your post so you can find it later when you need it. #worms #suck #notreally #actuallykindofawesome #proof

Tim said...

Haha! Beautiful use of hashtags, asplenia!