Monday, November 26, 2012


Most men observe their mid-life crisis by buying a sports car, having an affair, or blowing all their money in Vegas.

For my mid-life crisis, I'm going to get married, move to the suburbs, and have kids.

Yes, big changes are planned in the Timniverse for the next year.

I just got engaged.

Katherine of Evanston

On a cold windy October day in Evanston, with the Chicago skyline in the distance, we negotiated the terms of our betrothal.

The happy couple, moments after we got engaged.

We are getting married next summer, which means in the next year I will be planning a wedding, looking for a job, quitting my job, moving to Chicagoland, selling my house, possibly buying a house, and a bunch of other things that go along with turning your life upside down.

It's scary but exciting.


When I told my oldest brother I was getting married again, he said, "Wow, that soon after your divorce?"

"Um," I said, "I've been divorced for four years."  He thought it had been like a year and a half.

Nope, after four years of divorce, I'm ready to graduate.  I realized last month that I had been divorced an entire election cycle.  I've officially been separated from my ex for longer than we were together.  It's time to move on.     


The Wedding Machine is now in full gear.  We're both planners, and one of the things we bonded over when we first met was our love of Excel spreadsheets.  So of course we have a wedding spreadsheet to keep track of all of our to-do items.  In one particularly productive weekend recently, we decided on a date (7/13/13), a venue, a caterer, a photographer, and a rehearsal picnic.  Now only 4,253 decisions left to make.

This is happening...


asplenia said...

OMG congratulations! You both look so happy together (whatever you're doing with those spreadsheets, keep it up!). Laughing at the "so soon" (4 years is more than enough, I know people that waited 4 minutes!). Half the fun is getting there. :)

Tim said...


Val said...

Congratulations to you both. :)

I found your blog awhile back--I came in around the "Mug Shot" post--then lost the link. And as you can tell from your stats, I've been rereading and poking around in your archives today. 'Happy to find you again.

Anyway, congratulations to you guys. I got married last year, and it is still scary and exciting. But mostly sweet. :)

Best wishes!

~ Val

Tim said...

Thanks, Val!

Jolene said...

Yay I of course, as you know, am so happy for you both! and to have met you so soon before the big engagement :-) Your brother's comment made me laugh too. As did your planning and spreadsheets. I guess I didn't get that gene! I look forward to hearing all the details unfold my friend!

Tim said...

Yeah, Jolene, when we were on the boat, we knew we were planning to get engaged soon, and we also noticed there were 2 or 3 other engaged couples there! Everyone's getting (re)married. :)