Monday, July 30, 2012

Up, Up, and Away

I was at Target the other day, perusing their healthcare aisles for a personal reason that I won't go into, and I noticed they had an enema brand called Up & Up.  Not only did this sound like a horrible name for a product you insert in your butt ("Put it Up & Up your ass!"), but the logo of an arrow pointing upward didn't help. 

It was only after I saw a bunch more products with the Up & Up logo that I realized they had a whole line of products: ibuprofen, baby diapers, nail polish remover, dryer sheets, spray cleaner, baby formula, and even feminine hygiene products.

It was frequently the cheapest brand on Target's shelves, and when I considered all this, the name Up & Up took on a whole new meaning.  What exactly are they trying to convey with a name like that?  That their products are on the up and up?  They might just as well name their brand "Legitimate" or "Not-A-Skam" or "Really, This Is a Real Product." 

Yeah, I don't think I want to buy a product (meant to go in my or my loved one's hoo-ha) that has a brand name reminiscent of a guy selling stuff out of the back of his van down by the river.

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asplenia said...

Hahaha! "Put it up & up your ass!" I hate when product names mimic the conditions they're meant to cure, thus alerting everyone by name alone the buyer's struggle on the checkout line. Like "LiceX" and "Herpecin" -- really, product development team? You couldn't think of a more private, self-respecting label?