Thursday, January 21, 2010

Lance and Me

Lance Armstrong and I have at least two things in common.

1. We're the same age (he's exactly one week older than me.)
2. We both broke our clavicle last year, at the age of 37.

We have a few differences, too. He broke his clavicle in a bike race. He's won the Tour de France (seven times), survived testicular cancer, and dated Sheryl Crow and Kate Hudson.

I broke my clavicle playing tennis. I've won the Bronze tennis league (once), survived blisters, and dated a bunch of grad students.

But perhaps our most striking difference is how the world reacted to our respective broken clavicles.

A Spanish hamlet erected a monument in the spot where Armstrong crashed his bike and broke his clavicle, with a sign that reads, "La Clavicula de Armstrong."

I'm not holding my breath that the tennis center will do the same for me.

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